Envision Mechanical Engineers has performed system and equipment assessments for a variety of facilities. The level and depth of information included can be tailored to meet our individual client’s need. One of the main questions aside from what will it cost to replace this equipment is, what will be the payback on replacing this equipment with more efficient equipment. This information can be generated through a life cycle cost analysis. In depth equipment evaluations and post installation commissioning are other services which can be performed to ascertain specific information relative to equipment and systems as part of the overall evaluation process. The assessment process typically includes the following services:

  • An in depth plan review of the existing building documentation to determine systems and equipment in-place.
  • A site survey to evaluate the physical condition of the equipment, operating conditions and site specific parameters that may impact replacement.
  • Meetings with the operations staff to understand special considerations and equipment history, only those working with the equipment regularly, recognize and comprehend.
  • Generate a Conditions Analysis Report that will outline all of the findings and recommendations for replacement and a time frame for the recommended replacement to occur.
  • An opinion of probable construction cost will be generated based on national mechanical systems cost database information. Costs generated will be adjusted based on local cost data and historical project costs. An additional adjustment will be made to include inflation extending the costs out to the anticipated replacement date.

Detailed commissioning of systems and equipment are not typically included in the systems assessment but can be incorporated if desired by the client. Life cycle cost analysis to determine payback and financing for future replacement associated with long term facility master planning can also be provided should the client desire. In evaluating system replacement costs, several other aspects must be addressed. Envision Mechanical Engineers, Inc. takes pride in our relationships with other building design professionals. As part of any mechanical system assessment, work of other trades most always is impacted. How are the existing systems and equipment to be removed, how will the new equipment be set into place, what impact will this have on the architecture, electrical and structural systems within the building? Is there adequate service clearance for the new equipment in the proposed location or should a new location be identified that may simplify the installation and associated costs. Another aspect of an in-depth assessment should include evaluating to confirm the systems and equipment currently in place are still applicable and appropriate for the application. New systems and equipment are coming onto the market at a rapid pace. Envision works diligently with local suppliers and manufacturers to keep up to date with the latest equipment trends both for energy efficiency as well as maintainable and life cycle to ensure that the recommendations made will meet the desire and long term goals of the building owner and operator.